Bucket List.

Learning and Experiences

Music: Play a song on ukulele that I've written myself to a small audience and don't suck

★ Appreciation: Practise mindfullness and be more present

★ Cinematography: Learn to shoot and edit great film using my go pro + after effects 

★ Cooking: Attempt 75% of the recipes in the 4H Chef



★ Technical skills: Learn enough to be dangerous on the marketing side. HTML, CSS, SEO and basic code

Intellectual/interest: Attend a TED conference

Writing: Have article published into WIRED 'Ideas bank' ˙based on the X-prize for everything concept



★ Adventure: Motorbike down the west coast of Africa

Stand up Paddleboard: Cross the English Channel

★ Weights: Bench Press 130kg (currently on 103kg)

★ Charity event: Swim 10 miles+ for charity

Surfing: Ride a stand-up backhand barrel

Bouldering: Climb a V7 route



Giving Back

Events: Organise a TEDx event

Mentoring: for TechStars London

Public Speaking: at St. Albans school to kids about entrepreneurship and career paths